Sunday, November 27, 2016


Hygge (pronounced Hoo-ga) is a Danish word.  It is a word that does not have an exact definition.  In fact, if you google it you will find no definition is the same.  Basically it is "the absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence of gentle soothing things."  The Danes are known for routinely being considered the happiest people in the world.  It is somewhat baffling since a majority of the time in Denmark is winter or rain.  

 I've been reading a lot about hygge as winter is now upon us.  I believe life is too short to be miserable, so I am studying up on hygge.  Come to find out that we already incorporate much of this philosophy in our cabin.  Most of the articles have some basic themes. 

Fire is important.  Either candles, fireplaces, or (in our case) our little stove.  Fire creates a feeling of peace and coziness.  A feeling of relaxation is the central theme for hygge.

 Hygge embraces connecting with nature.  Getting outside to enjoy the fresh air.  The saying is "there is no bad weather, only bad clothes."  It is tradition that Ella and I get out every Saturday or Sunday to go for a run, walk, or snowshoe.  It rare we miss our weekend outings and we are aware of how to dress for cold weather.
 The articles also encourage spending time with people and do group activities.  I think we have that covered also.  My nieces know that if they come to our cabin and there is even an inch of snow on the ground we will be sledding.  
Since winter lasts forever in our neck of the woods, it is usually still winter when our nephew and his family come out to turkey hunt.  Besides hunting, we always find plenty to do, enjoy good meals, and play a mean game of Bear in the Woods.  
When the activities are over there is always a hot cup of coffee and a good book waiting.  Pair that with a cozy blanket and a roaring fire.  Then throw in a scented candle.  Don't forget the dog curled up at your feet and our cabin becomes hygge heaven.    

 I'm sure it is even cozier if the dog is on the couch and you are quilting or watching a good movie.
 Don't forget to look out the window and enjoy the beauty of winter.  It doesn't hurt if you are inside making good food.  The smell of homemade bread certainly creates a feeling of comfort.
 Of course if you are going to make good food, it is even better if you can share it with family and a stuffed penguin.  (I have no idea why my husband is holding a stuffed penguin.)

 Don't forget dessert.  A pie will help get rid of anything annoying (except dishes and the snow that needs shoveled).  I guess shoveling would fall under the winter activity category.
 Cozy blankets are another mainstay in the hygge articles I read.  I'm up for that.
 In fact, I consider our bed to be one of the coziest, most peaceful, and loving places a person could be.  My husband made the bed and I made the quilt on it.  Add that with an open window and flannel sheets and life is very good indeed.
I encourage you to read about hygge.  I can say that when I am home I am happy and it has a lot to do with the things that most hygge articles recommend.  Life is too short to be unhappy or stressed and long winters can add to that feeling.  I try to do everything possible to make our home inviting for guests and a comfort for my husband and I.  

I hope my post sparked some interest in this Danish belief and you are able to do a little reading about hygge and incorporate as much as possible into your lives.   I promise you won't be sorry.  Have you heard of hygge?


  1. Bonnie, I've never heard of hygge, but I surely like the idea! You have a wonderful life there, I'm so happy for you. The love you and your husband have for each other and your family is heart-warming. Your quilts are gorgeous, too.

  2. Lovely post from a world very different to mine - keep warm.

  3. It sounds like you have hygge covered! Your cabin reminds me of a Jan Brett illustration (she's a children's book author - if you ever have a chance look for books like "The Wild Christmas Reindeer" or "The Gingerbread Man")-Jenn

  4. My first time hearing the word.I am a true believer that if you are going to live in it, play as hard as you can.Too many people stay in because its too cold, snowing, etc and it just makes more room in the areas I go. I had to take my coat off two days ago hiking, it was 55.I got bit by some chiggers following a well traveled deer trail.Who would think that would happen in Nov?

  5. Wow...all that snow. I've never heard of hygge. But your are so lucky! Good luck hunting. Today is the first day of deer season here in Pennsylvania and schools are out in this western part. Andrea

  6. Nice! I've been reading "The Cozy Life" which is about hygge. Actually began reading it in spring which was wrong so just now getting back to it. Your place certainly does evoke a sense of warmth and hospitality.

  7. I have read a bit about it. I love seeing all of your "Hygge" pictures. Your bed is just wonderful as are your family. All the snow is wonderful. I have loved that whole idea of Hygge. I think it is how I am the most happiest when life slows down to that. My brain is happy too. I loved all of your pictures today. I do think you live in such a beautiful place.

  8. You do sound very cozy there. Though I read your previous post too and was surprised to read about the mountain lion and the precautions you must now take. I'd be scared by that for sure.

  9. Hoo-ga...I wasn't even close. :) Such comfort here in your words. I'm ready to settle in for winter. Not ready for snow, but I'm ready for the comfort of hibernation.

  10. Hygge oh, yes it is a wonderful word. I love your attitude. If more people could embrace nature it would be so good for them. Love this post. Hug B

  11. Bonnie,
    After the last two days of wind (gusts up to 50 mph today), colder temps and snow, I've been feeling a little off. The 6 o'clock news said the wind will be stronger tomorrow with colder temps.

    This post is just what I needed to see! I've never heard of hygge, but I like the idea.

    I get the chance to be outside in the morning for chores. Our cattle need to be cared for and it keeps cabin fever at bay. I like the opportunity to make different types of meals. Summer gets to be hectic and I grill a lot. I have my ingredients ready to make a bread tomorrow! Your rolls and buns look wonderful.

    You are right, there are few things better than strong coffee, a good book and a dog to cuddle with.

  12. interesting!! i am a tad jealous of your snow!!!

  13. I love this post! Good reminders for a long winter. :) That bed (and your quilt) are amazing!

  14. I'm all about hygge right now. A toasty fire in the wood stove, candles burning, hot mugs of tea or coffee, a yummy cookie, a quick walk in the snow, watching the birds from the window. It looks like you've got hygge down pat! Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. I've never heard of hygge, but I enjoyed learning! Your cabin looks so cozy and inviting, and I'd love to have some of those delicious looking rolls!


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