Sunday, November 6, 2016

I ate the frog...

If you have ever been to a motivational speaker, they talk about doing the thing you dislike the most right off the bat and getting it over with.  Thus, eat the frog.    I ate my frog today and put the backing, batting, and quilt top together.  Then I basted it.  Then I undid everything because there were wrinkles and did it all over again.  I don't have any fancy tables.  It was all done on the cold basement floor.  

I love the methodical parts of quilting, but I'm afraid there are quite a few parts I dislike.  Picking out the material is very hard for me (usually my husband helps).  I am horrible at cutting (measure once cut twice is my motto).  Then the delicate matter of putting all three layers together.  Did I mention I had to do that on a cold basement floor? There were spiders involved.  

Now that I ate the frog.  This means all I have left is my favorite part.  The quilting. Yahoo.  I need to be done by Christmas.  It is going to be difficult, because the weather is AMAZING.  We mowed the lawn today.  We have never mowed the lawn in November.  It is unheard of.  I am also spending time in the woods bowhunting.  I haven't seen a likely candidate for the freezer yet, but I will be patient.   It does help that the time changed and it is darker earlier.  That makes it easier to sit at the machine.

Anyway, that is what I am up too.  Just a little of this and a dab of that.  I'm sure this project will keep me busy now that I am to the fun part.  Any big projects you are working on?


  1. Good for you getting the quilt sandwiched. It's elk season here so will go traipsing around the mountains tomorrow. Like there, it's beautiful here so not finding many critters.

  2. I've never heard that expression before! Quite the mental image. -Jenn

  3. Will you hand quilt or machine quilt? I'm easily frustrated with the "quilt sandwich" part too. Have you tried basting spray? It's a pretty nifty way to stick the quilt together.

    It's crazy-warm here too and I'd rather be out than in, but with the early sundown, there's more time for projects in evening. I've been playing in watercolors! And embroidering. And starting a jeans quilt.

  4. That is a gorgeous quilt! I do sew garments from time to time, but a quilt eludes me; I can never figure out how to add binding and/or finish one. The weather here is the same as yours, I really want to mow the lawn this week, too. Good luck with the hunting!

  5. And here I thought you really ate a frog. My daughter is a whiz at quilting. Me not so much. Projects? Christmas cards.

  6. Cold weather sounds like a great time to work on a quilt~looks nice!!


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