Sunday, November 20, 2016


Yes, it snowed.  It was bound to happen.  I enjoyed this fall immensely and cannot complain about a few inches of the white stuff.  I was too busy sitting on the porch soaking in the sun with my lovely sidekick.  I have to thank Gumbo Lily for her post on the joys of a French Press.  I saw one for $9 and thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try.  Wow.  It makes the best coffee.  Smooth as silk.  I am very thankful for this new pleasure.  
 It warmed up considerably today and life was good.  

 Kelly and I had the week off.  A stay-cation they call it.  I think of it more as enjoying the simple pleasures in life.  We went hunting.  I was lucky enough to harvest a 6x6 buck on the prairie.  I was then able to focus on bow hunting at our property.  The weather has been so warm it has been a joy to sit for hours in the treestand watching wildlife and listening to the geese head south. 

Unfortunately, that was cut a bit short on Thursday when at about 3:00 in broad daylight a very large male mountain lion trotted from our garage (where we both were about 15 minutes prior), up the driveway, and up the road.  He acted like he owned the place.  That brought an abrupt halt to heading out to the treestand in the dark or coming back in the dark.  It also brought an end to Ella and I taking our weekly jogs down the road.  We have moved to Deadwood for our jaunts. 
Ella now goes outside with an armed escort.  She thinks that is pretty cool.  Being housebound wasn't too terrible.  I had a quilt to work on, summer sausage to make, meat for deer jerky, and made some great biscuits and gravy.  Oh, I also enjoyed plenty of that coffee maybe even a little wine.  Kelly and I also enjoyed our favorite movie "A Good Year" as it was on quite a bit this week.  
 I still hunted, but with a camera, safely in the cabin.  This young buck thinks he owns the place.  While 4 does were around, he polished that one antler on a tree until is shone like ivory.  The does didn't look at him once.  Maybe next year.
 This 3 x 3 below is a little wiser.  He never came out into the open and courted the ladies very adamantly.   The does couldn't ignore him.  

It is back to work tomorrow.  Things will be getting busy with the holidays around the corner.  This week reminded me of all the things I am thankful for. Time with my husband is always coveted.  I also enjoyed a beautiful fall, a faithful dog, a good cup of coffee, a glass of wine, the ability to harvest meat, delicious food, a cabin in the woods surrounded by nature, and a sewing machine to quilt on.   I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.  What are you thankful for? 


  1. Oh my, a mountain lion on your property! I'm glad you are being careful. I'll bet those biscuits were good! -Jenn

  2. It does sound like the perfect place to be snuggled in your cabin with all your needs. I am sure the quilts will be beautiful. Be careful with that cougar. HUG B

  3. I had a cougar during the summer, but it found better pickings.I'm thankful for the good life I have.I will be serving a free meal on Thanksgiving to hundreds who wouldn't have one.

  4. A staycation, I love them. Carl and I rarely leave home but we're happy and thankful to be here, too. You're incredibly talented with your hunting, gardening and creative skills making you very self-sufficient. I love going out after dark for walks, too, but to have a mountain lion to worry about would be awful. I hope he was just passing through. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Oh my! Good thing you saw the mountain lion so you are forewarned and can take precautions! Andrea

  6. So glad you are enjoying that delicious French Press coffee. I love it too, and I also like the pour-over coffee that uses a cone and filter over a mug and boiled water. I like simple tools like that.

    Glad you are taking your walks armed since you have that Cat around. I'd be a little (no, a LOT) nervous about him.

    The movie you watched is one of my favorites.

    Today I'll bet I saw 40-50 antelope flocked together between home and the mailbox. I wonder if it's a sign? Maybe it means an open winter....or maybe it means it's going to get bad and they're gathering up to leave. Who knows?

    I'm thankful for living in the country with my loved ones, cows, sheep, chickens, dogs and all the wildlife. It's a little Heaven On Earth. Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie!

  7. Good heavens the appearance of the mountain lion shocked me so goodness knows how you felt.
    I'm glad Ella has a guard. For some reason your blog posts have stopped popping up on my bloglist so I have missed lots. I'll add you again.

  8. i guess my life is a stay-cation and there is nothing in the world that pleases me more. if i never left the house again, it would be just fine with me!!! i love your snow - i am waiting impatiently!!!

    you surely do have a lot to be thankful for!!!


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