Monday, May 29, 2017

Garden Art...

 I love art in the garden.  Bought things or something old is new again, it doesn't matter.  If it catches my eye it is in the garden.   I don't have a lot going on with flowers right now and it was way too cold this weekend to do any projects.   This post is focused on my eclectic garden decor.  

We got this beautiful wind chime when we were married.  Words cannot describe the music it makes.  This year I moved it from the porch to the woods, where the wind would hit it.  I don't regret that decision.  It almost makes the cold wind that has been blowing for days bearable, almost.

 I don't remember where I got the turtle, but I have had him a long time.  He has many scars. Last year while shopping with my niece she showed me the little metal lady bug below.  She has one just like it.
I love adding quotes to the garden.  The shovel was an old shovel left behind from firefighters deep in the forest long ago.  The board came from an old barn where we used to hunt.

 The decoration to the right is a slug trap.  It has never caught a slug, but it is pretty.  Below is an old stump we found on the property when we were building.  

 I made this bumble bee house probably 20 years ago.  Can you tell?  I've hauled it around and it looks worse for the wear.  Like the slug trap it has yet to see its purpose fulfilled.  

Below, an old NO TRESPASSING sign finds a kinder purpose.  The quote has always held a place in my heart, as my husband and I are together for all seasons in a mountain greenery.
 An old shell, with a round rock placed inside brings brightness to my little shade garden.  Below I found that bench deep in the woods when we brought the property our cabin is on.  I carried it out to the road, a quarter of a mile through the understory.  The red box on it was another find.  It is filled with sand and rocks from the beaches in Denmark.

 I actually have a theme by the greenhouse.  I have tried to keep everything around it metal.  The old washtub holds my tea garden.  The watering can holds the parsley plant that made it through the winter in our kitchen.  Below is part of a windmill given to my by our wonderful neighbors.  The box was found at an abandon farmstead.

 The plane above was too colorful to ignore.  The washtub below was tossed in a junk pile.  My dad couldn't figure out why I was excited to find it.  It works great to corral wayward wild strawberries.
Below, old chimney liners (I think that is what they are) work great as a butterfly attractant or planter.  Your choice.


I love the weathervane.  It is store bought and I'm afraid not made the best.  My arrow seems to have issues.  Still I love the blues.  I'm trying to find ways to add more stained glass in the garden.

Below was a challenge from my in-laws.  They brought two cow waterers and challenged us to make something with them.  Lo and behold, a combination bird bath, bird feeder, sign post, and trellis for vines.  

 I missed some things.  I hope some of the decor gave you ideas for your garden.  Old or new as long as it is something that catches your eye and brings you happiness is all that matters.  What type of art do you have in your garden?  I hope your Memorial Day weekend was warmer than ours.  I am thankful for all of the veterans who sacrificed for our freedom.  


  1. I really love old gnarled tree stumps they encourage the imagination to run riot.

  2. I loved this rundown of all your garden art. I have a lot too. Those chimney liners are cool! And the piece of the old windmill was a great find too.

  3. Love all the curios. I have a very similar chime. Also, sooo love that last sign :). Adding such things to a garden is what makes our garden ours - no two the same and always interesting.

  4. I have looked for something new to add, but nothing is ringing my bell.I liked finding an oriole and hummingbird feeder atop a new cemetery plot today.

  5. What a lovely post about the art in your garden. It is fabulous that the garden is not only for the plants, but for anything that will go well with it and what we fancy putting out there.
    I also have a wind chimes and love when they play their gentle tunes.

  6. I wondered what to do with my cow waterers. Now I know! I love all of your garden art. I need to find some things to dress up my garden. I really like the idea of putting your tea garden into those tubs. I need to try that.
    Your garden is just lovely, and I love the blue too. Everything looks like a fairyland.

  7. I like the trespassers sign! And the old stump. How can those bowls be cow waterers? That's just a sip for our cows. Maybe I don't know how they work?? Your garden art is great!

  8. You have some very cool things!! I like the stump, I have been looking for a piece of driftwood for my garden!! No luck yet!!

  9. Love, love, love your ideas! My favorites are the shovel used to hold the sign, and the wind chimes. And the....the list goes on.


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