Sunday, January 9, 2022

Off with a bang...

The new year is off with a bang.  I got out my little houseplant kit and tidied up my plants.

Ella and I took advantage of the warm weekend.  Wednesday it was -18, so I enjoyed 27 as much as I could.
We even had coffee on the porch.

My husband and I started off the new year by burning some slash piles.  It is fun watching them go up.  There is also something satisfying about chunking the stumps until there is nothing left.

I also made some Swedish Bourbon Cardamom rolls.  I absolutely love them.  

I made big ones and little ones, so people who were trying to keep holiday calories down could still enjoy a bite.
Here is the link to the recipe:

I do advise watching YouTube videos on how to make the rolls as the directions in the post leave a lot to be desired.

"Being in a long marriage is a little bit like that nice cup of coffee every morning - I might have it every day, but I still enjoy it" -Stephen Gaines

That's it for my adventures into 2022.  Are you off to a good start?


  1. -18 we shive at -4C That's a rather dramatic way to melt the snow.

  2. How did you keep your woods from catching on fire? We have been using our fire pit quite a bit. As Dan removed old clapboard from the barn he burned it. It caught very fast.

  3. Oh, great pictures of your bonfires. We like to burn big piles when there is snow on the ground. Your houseplant kit must certainly be as handy as a pocket on a shirt; perfect for keeping everything neat and tidy. I worry about you and Ella in such negative numbers; best be quilting then, I think! And, I do agree about the "long marriage." :~) Take care!

  4. i am off to a good start - it looks like you are too!! the rolls looks so good, i am 50% swedish. i recently cleaned up all of my house plants too!!

    we are not allowed to have burns like that here!!

  5. The fires are very captivating. It must be a human "need" to be by campfires of all sorts. Also, I think I would enjoy your rolls - yum yum!


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