Sunday, January 23, 2022

Passing time...

We have been busy with winter projects.  My husband has the wood stove cozy and warm.  His latest project has been tissue boxes.  

I think they turned out perfectly.  Also he has good timing as it seems like everyone has been getting sick.
I couldn't help myself and made some orange almond biscotti.  I was cleaning out the fridge and there were a few overripe oranges begging to be biscotti.

There was, of course, quilting.  I'm getting closer to the end.  A few more rounds on the last of the cabin blocks.
There isn't much else to do.  It has been cold and windy, but Ella and I braved it for our Sunday walk.  The rest of the weekend was enjoying the fire.
What projects have you been working on?  How has the winter been?  Hope all is well.


  1. What a nice cozy place to work! We keep our wood stove going night and day. Our wood supply is dwindling. I love your log cabin blocks; this pattern is one of my favorites.

  2. That looks like a nice place to work. I love making log cabin blocks. Yours look wonderful. Its been a pleasant winter here. Still working on the inside of the house as our project. Its nice to see it coming together.
    Have a delightful week.


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