Sunday, January 30, 2022

Tarts are tart...

 I've always wanted to make a tart.  This weekend seemed like the perfect time to try a new endeavor.

My husband and I made an orange tart with a chocolate graham cracker crust (store bought as I'm terrible at graham cracker crusts).  I found they are aptly named. That sucker is tart.  It isn't bad, but I think we will just cross it off the to do list and move on.  If you like tarts or have ever wanted to make one here is the site.

We also went for a drive out to the prairie.  We were looking for a cabin we had wanted to buy many years ago.  It was completely in the middle of nowhere and the day we figured out where it was it was the very day they were closing on its sale.  It is so well hid, we didn't find it this time and we have been there. We did enjoy the drive and saw some nice scenery.

We wish we had brought our fishing poles.  It was a nice warm day and these ponds are right next to a fish hatchery.
I think odds would have been in our favor.

I also went the Stock Show and Rodeo to see my niece rope.

She missed her calf which is a bummer.  I did enjoy seeing all of my nieces and nephew.
January is almost over.  Winter is trudging along.  I hope you are finding things to keep you busy.


  1. It doesn't look like you have had much snow! I know you usually get dumped on in the spring, but just think of you as in the snow :-) Your tart looks good even if it's "tart" - would ice cream help it or just make it weird?

    1. Those photos are on the prairie. They normally don't get the snow that we have in the "hills."

  2. I love your cowgirl niece! I hope she wins next time. Maybe you can go back to the lake for some fishing.

  3. i have kept busy with my many hobbies and have no complaints about being indoors!! i have made many delicious tarts, it really depends on the filling!!

    i have always wanted to go to a rodeo, i never have!!

  4. Aw too bad it was tart. It looks so beautiful there. It would have been nice to go fishing. Have nice fresh caught fish for dinner.
    That looks fun seeing your niece in a rodeo. I love rodeos and used to spend lots of time at them when I was young. I do miss riding sometimes. Have a lovely day.


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