Sunday, January 16, 2022

One thing leads to another...

  It is funny how one thing leads to another.  I love to do yoga as I find it really helps keep my aches and pains at bay.  I've had my yoga mat for many years and it has lost its grip.  Not a good thing when you are balancing in a twist and then something slips.  I decided to get a new mat.  

Here is a picture of the culprit.

That was the beginning of the end.  Since I had a new mat, maybe I should tidy up my yoga room (aka spare bedroom).  Before I knew it I cleaned under the bed, then the corner cabinet, of course that led to desk drawers, then 'what the heck' might as well hit the closet.  If I'm going to do the downstairs bedroom, I might as well clean under the upstairs bed, then that closet, might as well get the crawl space.  Next thing I know I'm in the sewing/craft nook.  6 bags of junk later and I'm too exhausted to do yoga.  

I think the biggest challenge was a drawer of cords.  I plugged those suckers into everything.  Cords are the new keys.  Everyone has a drawer full of keys that they have long forgot where the locks were.  Well, now there is a drawer full of power cords.  Second verse same as the first.

The thing is, I'm pretty good at tossing junk yet here I am taking bags of junk to the dumpster.  

Mom and Dad gave me a nice trunk several years ago.  It is perfect for all of my letters and photos.  I am astounded at how many letters I have.  I'm super happy that I finally have one place to put them.  I made several trips downstairs corralling my correspondence in one place.  I cried as I read letters I had sent to my grandfather that were returned to me when he passed and a note from my niece who passed away this year.  I hope someday after I have passed, my nieces spend a day sitting together reading about their history: recipes, newspaper articles, and just a letter about how the week went.

What is the biggest obstacle when you do a deep clean? Do you have a secret for keeping junk at bay?  Do you keep all of your correspondence?


  1. I call what you experienced an “avalanche project”. I had a similar thing happen when we discovered a mouse in one of the closets in our mud room. Two days later, three closets had been purged and deep cleaned! Lovely that you got to revisit some letters and memories. -Jenn

  2. Now, I am feeling guilty that I am not deep cleaning! I still have four weeks left in which I am not going to worry myself with such! 😉 I agree that all those electronic cords do have a way of swarming on us. I am always afraid I will throw something away that will be needed. Every year, except this one, I pledge to clean one shelf, drawer, box, or rod each day. I think it was 2019 that I actually did that for the entire year. I love your pictures and quotes on your side bar!

  3. We accumulate cords too often that are from items no longer around. WE need to sort out a couple of rooms but have some furniture to get rid of and I'm not sure how. Pre- Covid we would maybe put them on Freecycle but I'm not ready to have strangers coming to collect them.

  4. I have been doing deep cleaning and I love it. Though, the hard part is the old letters just like you read, and cried. I have to be in a certain frame of mind to do that. I guess that is why they are in my hope chest at the foot of my bed. I think the hardest thing I had to do when we down sized, that is good now, but the emotional toll it took was so hard. I keep cleaning out things now. It always feels so nice. I hope you have a really nice week.

  5. Hello sweet Bonnie! Wow! Good for you! Deep cleans are always good. I just don't wanna! Ha ha ha ha! Take care! Have a great week! xo


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