Sunday, March 6, 2022

A diamond in the rough...

 Winter is still here.  We had an icy fog go through and create a frozen glaze topped with 3-4 inches of light and fluffy.  Good thing we didn't have anywhere to go.  We just stayed indoors and enjoyed the beauty.

In the twenty years we have been in our cabin, we have occasionally had brown creepers around.  They have never been on the feeders.  The creepers always stick to the pine trees spiraling up in search for bugs.  This little guy is different.  He is always on the feeders. I love watching him.  He doesn't let the bigger birds push him around.
The turkeys swing by once a day to see what dropped from my feeders.  They are fun to watch as they can put on a show.
On February 12th, the diamond from my wedding ring fell out.  I should have known that after 27 years of marriage the prongs would wear.  I looked high and low for that diamond to no avail.  Still, I didn't stop looking and sure enough I found it today.  It has fallen out when I was putting the dishes away.  I saw a sparkle as I was pulling out a pot.  Lo and behold there it was.  How lucky am I?

That was my weekend in a nutshell.   I did find time to work on my little wooden bucket.  All of the caulk is off and it's sanded.  The only thing left is to finish it with linseed oil.
What adventures have you been up to?  Do you have snow?  What projects are you working on? 


  1. Oy that looks chilly! We have actually had some nice days which makes the blustery days bearable. Funny/peculiar - I too lost a little stone from my ring and was told the prongs all need to be repaired so I am currently without my ring.
    Sorry for the late comment - am trying to catch up.

  2. some days you just need to rest your body. if you don't do it, it will do it for you. we don't have any snow, they said maybe today but we are just getting rain.

    you are lucky to have found your diamond, they can be replaced but i always want to have my original!!

    i am knitting and coloring and always working on my blog!!


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