Sunday, October 23, 2022

And that is the end of that...

 We took Ella for a walk this morning.  It was beautiful and the weather was perfect.

The colors in the grasses are so intricate and breathtaking.
There is a bright splash of red here and there.
Everything was peaceful and perfect.
The cabin looked cozy snuggled in among the colors.  Then BAM.....

It's snowing.....

Hope winter hasn't found you yet.


  1. Oh wow! How'd you do that? That's gotta be some sort of trick photography. Quick, go back to those first pictures 😂

  2. It seems so early, but I am sure you were expecting it and had already made preparations. Happy winter!

  3. No snow here yet. Heavy frosts though so cold enough for snow.

  4. Snow already. You don't get much of a break from it do you?


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