Sunday, October 9, 2022

Autumn actions...

We still have beautiful autumn weather.  The leaves are taking their time, which is fine by me.

I have started working on this year's graduation quilts.  My goal for this month is to get the feathers for one cut out and the pieces for the second one also cut.
The background won't be black.  Finding the perfect background is on next month's goal.
I cleaned up the garden and harvested my carrots, corn, beans, squash and jalapenos.  If someone can explain why my sweet corn is has such small ears I would love to know.
Don't you like the colors of my acorn squash?  Oh, I almost forgot.  I also had two turnips.  Tomorrow I am going to cut the corn off the cob and can both the corn and carrots.

Today, I went to hot yoga with a good friend.  Afterwards we had coffee and solved the world's problems.  I cannot say enough how grateful I am for my life.  It is filled with amazing people and beautiful places.

What are some things you are grateful for?  I hope you are also enjoying autumn.  What have you harvested this month?  


  1. Lovely autumn images - what is hot yoga.

  2. Grateful for good health and living in a beautiful part of our country.

  3. That is such a pretty display of your harvested veggies! Corn is a heavy feeder and loves heat and consistent moisture. Maybe some added fertilizer next year?? -Jenn

  4. Wow! Your photos are gorgeous - both last post and this one. (I'm trying to catch up.) That quilt is going to be stunning!!! I like it on the black. :-)


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