Sunday, January 1, 2023

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2023.

A look at last year's goals was average for success. 

I want to put some extra effort into seed starting. Especially, to create my annual planters. I was appalled at what petunias cost now-a-days. I am frugal by nature and it takes all the fun out of gardening when you you suffer from sticker shock. I am also going to focus on rotating my outside crops, having a successful strawberry harvest, and growing a pumpkin bigger than my husband's. I need to extend one of the planters in front to deal with some erosion and perhaps add a rain chain and water barrel.  

I did try to start my flower seeds.  My sister gave me a seed starting mat and it made all the difference.  I had no berries this year.  We had a hailstorm in the spring when all the fruits and berries were blooming.  As a result, we didn't have anything to harvest.  It was so bad we actually had a bear eating birdseed on our porch.  There are no bears in the here!  My pumpkin was not bigger than my husband's.  I was again a bit lack-a-dasical about watering.  My husband actually watered my pumpkin more than I did.  I was able to extend my front bed.  I still need to find a rain chain.

This year is 50 for me and I am going to embrace it. I'm going to live this year with confidence and appreciation for life. I am thankful for my husband, home, health, way of life, and career. My hope is to complete a few challenges, as I did when I turned 40. I'm not certain what they will be, but I will continue to ponder.

My friends, Jodi and Michelle, made 50 fabulous!  I am so thankful for their support.  I enjoyed time with my husband as we also celebrated our 28th anniversary.  I am forever thankful for my life.

I finally stepped up and volunteered to be part of a community committee. I'm still feeling my way through it. So far so good. Now I want to try to start a small side business of sorts. Not sure what yet. There are so many things I enjoy creating. I will probably go in with my husband, who is also leaning in this direction. At least I will try to put my toe in the pool.  

This didn't happen.  You can't win them all. I guess in some things I am slow.

The land around us is getting bought up and built on. I can say I do sympathize with the show Yellowstone. Weekend warriors driving back and forth 6 times a day is getting nerve wracking. We need to mark the boundaries around our 20 acres, as we have had a lost landowners bulldoze three acres of our oak trees. Also perhaps a few more trails, as our road is now becoming a highway. My peaceful walks in the woods are constantly interrupted by well meaning neighbors wanting to chat, not understanding that my sanity needs some quiet time.

We made several trails through our property property.  My walks have diminished as I did not factor in the aging of our beloved Ella.  It is getting harder and harder for her to continue a full pace.  Especially, since her illness in November.  Snowshoeing is also out.  I don't mind.  Having her by my side is worth a shorter walk. 

Goals for the future...

What is the plan for 2023?

Berries!  I really missed this year's harvest.  I had no wine, jam, or juice in 2022 and it was maddening.  I need to really focus on my raspberries and strawberries.  My orchard and berries need serious attention to include fertilizer and a watering regimen.  I'm also going to have to add some Harrelson Apple trees as mine are on the decline.

Do something out of the box.  I need an adventure for 2023.  When I turned 40 I went to Denmark.  I would like to travel again.

Take care of my friends.  You can't pick your family, but you can chose your friends and I have chosen well.  Their support and kindness is humbling.

Continue to improve my vegetable garden.  I know what I like: tomatoes, peas, carrots, lettuce, spinach, acorn squash, sweet corn, peppers, beans, cucumbers, asparagus, and garlic.  As for herbs:  Basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, chamomile, borage, mint, hyssop, lemon balm, and lemon grass.  I am also going to get serious about the great pumpkin contest now that there is a trophy involved.

Projects are always abound.  I would like to build a canning shelf for the basement.  Improve my bird feeding stations, especially when it comes to squirrel proofing them. 

I will always focus will be on gratefulness and health.  I am grateful for my husband, family, friends, and the always positive Ella. I will exercise even though it is a bit more difficult since my beloved Ella doesn't have the stamina she used to.  I can't just go without her, so my walks are shorter and I will always be able to snowshoe in the future.  

That is 2022 in a nutshell and my goals for 2023.  Nothing earth shattering.  I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and I wish you a happy and healthy new year.


  1. You have set yourself some ambitious targets. I'll just go with the flow. I think 50 is young - wish I was back there! Bears on bird feeders - the biggest visitor we get on ours is a squirrel. I bet you were incensed when the oak trees were bulldozed. Did they offer to plant more trees as a small recompense. Here it is illegal to fell large trees without the correct permissions.


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