Monday, February 20, 2023

The grand unveiling

 I didn't think it would ever happen, but our deck is done.  They worked all weekend trying to finish before the next snowstorm.

Sorry, the pictures aren't the best.  The crew worked until dark and then it snowed all day today.
We were able to get the table and chairs on it.  The grill is surrounded by snowdrifts and at the bottom of an icy slope.  Not sure when we will get it moved.  We also have a picnic table.  
This deck is double the size of the old one.  Most importantly it is as solid as a rock.  Our old one was hanging by a thread.
Hopefully, next weekend there will be a break in the snow and we can get it decked out.  Pun intended.
My bird feeders were the first to go up. I missed being able to see them from the window.

It is good to have this project checked off the to do list.  It took forever, but the contractor did a fabulous job.  We couldn't be happier.

Do you have a big project in the works?  What has been your biggest home improvement?  I hope it is warm and dry where you are.  We have lots of snow and negative temperatures in our future. 


  1. Looks great! It will be lovely when the weather changes and you can spend time out on your new deck. -Jenn

  2. We are awaiting a hearth pad so we can have the woodstove installed. GOod looking deck.

  3. That's a great looking deck! I love the last picture with you (am I right?) looking out into the snowy night.

  4. It looks great, Our latset big project was refurbishing a bedroom, We started last May and the new curtains went up this week, Now we are waiting for a chair which won't arrive until April. We'll then start on the next bedroom.

  5. I love the deck! I know someone who is looking forward to seeing it in person. :-)


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