Sunday, April 3, 2022

We have green...

 My lettuce in the greenhouse is up.  I don't have a picture as the sprouts were so little.  The weather hasn't been nice, but the Tomato Taj Mahal is a regular Valhalla!

I gave my seedling starts a little vacation to the Taj Mahal and they loved it.  Before you judge my fur lined mad bomber hat, just know it is ten times warmer than a coat.  

Before some real sun, the were weak and reaching for sunshine.  Now look at how healthy they are.

They are a darker green and standing up straight.  It just goes to show sunshine does a body good.  It does my soul good.  My husband had a hard time getting me out of the greenhouse.  It was a nice respite from the incessant winds we have been enduring.

Not much else is happening here.  I gathered a bucket of ash from our winter burn piles.  It is drying in the greenhouse.  I find a cupful in the spring makes my delphiniums happy.

How does your garden grow?  Do you still have snow?  Are you as impatient as I am for summer?  


  1. Snow all gone though there was a light dusting Friday over night. Some green shoots of daffodils showing themselves. Sun is warmer but wind is chilling. I have perennials arriving for planting after the 20th so ground better be thawed out by then so they can enter the garden beds.

  2. We went to the garden my daughter works at. She is a teacher. :) I couldn't believe how much food they already had and was almost time to harvest. It will be 95 on Thursday. I think I am like people that just dread snow this time of year. I dread hot temps this time of year so bad. It makes for a six month summer, but I do live in the desert. I guess I should move. We bought some tomatoes that the school had grown in their green house. We even put them out. I never do that, but I broke my own rule and will live to regret it I am afraid. Yes, tomatoes and us do need that sun. As much as I complain. I liked your hat. I like your green house too. You have such beautiful springs and summers though and your flowers are so amazing. I hope you have a nice week.

  3. Always hit or miss this time of year, but overall tender plants are doing well. Also, began reading Foxgloves and Hedgehogs - so far so good. Thank you for the recommendation.


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